Valle Redondo, producer of juices, wines and ciders of the California, Cuatro Soles and Sonrisa brands, launched D-Vino, a red and rosé wine packaged in a 330 milliliter tetra pack container, which to date contributes 60 percent of its sales of the spirit drink, when five years ago it participated with 40 percent.

“60 percent of the wine that we sell is in tetra pack, it has practically sold winning participation to the glass, this changed a couple of years ago, people began to see the practicality, it is a wine that is used a lot for gastronomy, open and close” said Alejandro Cetto, director of Valle Redondo.

With the entry of D-Vino to their portfolio, they are betting that their sales will grow 5 percentage points only in this 2020, because it is a product that helps to expand the consumption of wine without stealing the market from any other brand.

“We launched the first production of 15 thousand boxes of each item (rosé wine and red wine) on the market, a total of 30 thousand boxes, we hope that by the first quarter of 2020 we will be on all the shelves” Cetto mentioned.

According to the Mexican Wine Council, the country consumes 120 million liters of the fermented grape drink per year, and on average three out of every 10 bottles are of national wine.

Cetto revealed that in the medium term they plan to export D-Vino to Central America, South America, the United States and Canada.

Valle Redondo has three production plants in Zacatecas, Chihuahua and Aguascalientes. Cheers!

Constellation Brands bet for efficient use of water

What an example this brewery plant puts in its new facilities in Baja California.

In the midst of the controversy over the lack of water in Mexicali, the company that is building its plant in that border city has announced that it will use only seven million cubic meters per year compared to the 10 million that its competition will use or the 252 million that a meat packing company uses. The amount to be used is equivalent to 2.6 percent of the water resources used by the entity’s companies, but in contrast, it will involve an investment of 1.6 billion dollars and the creation of 3,200 new direct and indirect jobs.

Airbnb, option for the January slope

January is considered one of the most difficult months for families, due to the high expenses incurred in December and due to the price adjustments in products and services at the beginning of the year.

In the midst of this situation, Airbnb,which Ángel Terral runs in Mexico, assured that the platform represents an option to obtain additional income, this, if one takes into account that the average price per night obtained by the company’s hosts is 1,500 pesos.

The company told us that in a year about 5 million tourists stayed in one of the spaces offered by the platform in the country. If you are concerned about the safety of people, your accommodation and your belongings, Airbnb ensures that you have property damage protection and accident insurance, in addition to civil liability insurance worth a million dollars each one and 24-hour user service, among other benefits. Are you encouraged?