In the midst of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the wine industry has been activated to bring wines home in CDMX. Cheers!

From one day to the next, our daily lives were transformed by the coronavirus pandemic.

We were asked to stay at home and some businesses – such as bars and restaurants – have temporarily closed to comply with the measures indicated by the authority to stop contagions. Today more than ever, as far as possible, it is time to support local businesses and industries that have raised the name of Mexico, such as the wine industry. Let’s face it, there is no better way to do it than enjoying wines at home in CDMX. Cheers from home!

To face the crisis caused by the coronavirus, which has hit several industries, the wine industry has also been activated to seek alternatives. From home delivery of wine bottles to online tastings and parties.


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Vinario is a super accessible and super cool wine club. For only $950.00 a month, receive two wine labels at the door of your home, office or wherever you choose.

Prepare for surprises because you won’t know which wines you will receive until you open the box. Vinario’s idea is to include various labels, but always Mexican wine, of course: “wines from different places, soils and climates; red, white, rosé or sparkling (and sometimes riskier)”.

All accompanied by the stories behind each bottle.

  • How much: $950.00 per month.
  • How to subscribe: through website

Cool wines

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Do you feel like a cool little wine? You can have it in less than two hours at the door of your house, that’s what cool wines are all about.

The purchase can be done through its online catalog. Delivery in CDMX has no cost. Until May 3 they will have a 5% discount on Mexican wines.

Wines at home in CDMX just one click away

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The Mexican Winegrown Council has released information about Mexican wine wineries that have home delivery options through online purchases. “With this initiative, we seek to support all those who participate in the manufacturing and distribution process of Mexican wine.

In these moments is when we must unite as an industry and as a country.

It is essential to remember that we can do it if we consume the local and thus reactivate the economy that is in a complex situation” said Paz Austín, director of the council. There are several wineries that are found on different platforms for online sales. To mention just a few: Adobe Guadalupe, Hacienda Florida, Bodega del Viento, Jacques & Cie, Bodega Encinillas, Monte Xanic, Bodegas De Cote: Bodegas Vaivén, Pozo de Luna.

Some platforms to order wine at home: Mercado de vinosTomemos vinoLa and even Amazon y Rappi.

Virtual tastings with Concha y Toro

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The thing is like this: buy your wines to deliver at home in CDMX and then enter a virtual tasting, that is the plan of the Chilean winery Concha y Toro. It does not matter that you are not an expert, in a wine tasting you can learn to discover details that you did not imagine about wine: smells, flavors.

The virtual tastings are every Thursday and Saturday at 7 pm, each day is a different wine — you can buy them at home at Mercado Libre, Chedraui or City Market. Find out about more tastings through its Instagram.

La Redonda vineyards

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Vineyards la Redonda will organize this weekend (Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May), a sound wine tasting in honor of its now classic Wine Colors festival. The transmission will be via Facebook Live: there will be DJs and wine. The sound tasting will be on Saturday, May 16 at 12 noon, by sommelier Virginia Parra.

Of course, they also have a home delivery option (and at special prices) in their online store:

Wine tasting online

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We drink wine, in addition to selling wine at home, it offers the experience of virtual tastings. For Saturday, April 11, they are calling for a wine and chocolate tasting, which will be broadcast via Facebook Live at 5:00 p.m. The $ 550 cost includes the shipment of a bottle of wine – from the Santa Elena winery – and a box with 10 chocolates.

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Sommelier Laura Santander has shared on her Twitter   account some wine options available through online purchases. He even recommends some pairings! Through social networks, it also invites some online tastings.

Virtual pachanga with wine

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Cava Nómada is a project by Sophie Avernin to “bring wine lovers together”, but outside of the usually solemn and, it must be said, sometimes pretentious settings in his events, she tries to get together, laugh and enjoy while learning about wine.

Faced with the contingency derived from the coronavirus pandemic, Cava Nómada – alluding to the fact that the venues of the meetings are changing – became Cava at home! The idea is to organize a virtual party with wine through the Zoom application. The cost is $ 800 and includes home delivery of two bottles of wine. The next party is called for next April 9 at eight o’clock at night.