With just a few clicks you can have your favorite brand, do not stay with the craving.

This quarantine is affecting all sectors of the economy and the Mexican wine industry is not far behind.

That is why today they come together to make their online sales and home delivery service available to wine lovers.

This effort is led by the Mexican Winegrowing Council (CMV) and is intended to keep the country’s economy active through E-Commerce.

Paz Austín, Director of the Mexican Wine Council Photo: Brenda Vega

“With this initiative, we seek to support all those who participate in the manufacturing and distribution process of Mexican wine. In these moments is when we must unite as an industry and as a country; it is essential to remember that we can do it if we consume the local and thus reactivate the economy that is in a complex situation” said Paz Austín, Director of the Mexican Winegrowing Council.

These are some of the brands that you can buy: Adobe Guadalupe, Bodega del Viento, Bodega Encinillas, Bodegas De Cote: Bodegas Vaivén, Bruma, Casa Pedro Domecq, Chateau Camou, Concierto Enológico, Cuna de Tierra, El Cielo, Viña de Frannes, Rondo Del Valle, Tres Valles, Viñas de Garza, Bodega F Rubio, Alximia, Hacienda Florida, Jacques & Cie, Monte Xanic, Pozo de Luna, Puerta del Lobo, San Juanito, Vinos Don Leo, Viñas del Sol, Viñedos La Redonda, Monte Xianic, Las Nubes, La Contra Vinos, La Contra Vinos, Solar Fortún, Vena Cava, La Resistance, Totol, LMA Wines, Cava Maciel.

They also offer online activities such as tastings, wine experiences with chocolates, another where they will delight you with the best cheeses accompanied by incredible Mexican labels and the last one, where they will teach how to drink the best Mexican wine in the various Riedel glasses.

With these actions, the Mexican Winegrowing Council supports the Mexican wine industry and fosters the national economy by exalting the quality of Mexican labels and gastronomy.

For more information see https://uvayvino.org.mx/